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Please do not do any business with Sulekha its really a scam.

Pardon for the harsh comments but that’s the experience with Sulekha.

We are a software services organization located in Mumbai having good hold on online business but recently we are focusing on offline marketing as well(local market in India)

Earlier we had twice took the monthly service from sulekha but that was for very short time hence we did not felt about the scam.

This time we were expanding the marketing locally hence trying out various local directory listings options (Just dial is one of good till now we have). We were repeatedly getting calls from sulekha as we were their earlier customer, whenever the marketing guy used to come each time he used bring good statistics about leads on our earlier query. So finally we thought to go for it and as we had bad experience when we pay upfront for a year we argued for monthly plan but again the marketing guy came with various reasons with statistics. Finally we went for the yearly package considering it would be good as we have Justdial service (their competitor) which is pretty awesome (Just dial is really a good company compared to sulekha)

Till the time they were pitching all was good regular follow-ups, calls, answers to queries with good stats but as the payment of 48 thousand plus taxes for a year was done the scenario started changing.

While marketing, executive confirmed 3-4 leads a day with good statistics of other customer and as we had past experience of issues during cancellation we confirmed the policy and he said it to be 45 days we have watsapp chats for that.

As the plan started first week we received 3 leads on asking for explanation executive came up with excuses we thought its ok which continued for second week as well but now the executive was not receiving call, customer care was redirecting to executive. Third week we thought to cancel by this time marketing guy had blocked us for calls & from watsapp, so we mailed them then someone else called and does not know anything about our account comes up with excuses to help. Then we said we need to cancel then comes the next big thing the refund policy is for 7 days so cannot be refunded then we showed the watsapp chats with executive then started coming up with excuses stating allow us to see in the business, we will work on something.

We argued stating this are leads leads not a product, if the people are not enquiring with sulekha than from where they are going to send the leads :). Standard answers to run away from executives.

Than the cheap employees started bragging about, sir I will try my best, if I will refund than you will have impression that sulkeha is not good and we do not want that & majorly I will give in writing if this is not working we will refund you. We said lets be professional we do not want to have your service so better cancel as you confirmed on wastapp and also during the agreement but to that the executive said give me some time I will do my best. Nothing in written apart from repeated mails everything on call.

No response from person for 3 days on 3rd day executive says i was working out something give me more time, we said we need decision now then started their actual behavior they started stating will not refund do whatever you want and you won’t imagine the cheap employees they have hired they started misbehaving on calls and gone to the extent of giving bad words on call.

Our simple query to them was its not your company its private organization than why are you keeping the things to yourself please escalate to your seniors we will speak with them but no one is ready to forward they are handling us at their level at start with fooling around and now by misbehaving. They seems to have handled all clients this way only, we feel they feel using bad words people will stop or consider that money is gone and do not act.

We researched a bit and this is case all over India, I am in US will check over here as well if they are scam here in US too.

So in short they are a scam, please do not do any business with them. If you want directory listing go for Just dial way far better than Sulekha in terms of service and customer care.

We have all mails, watsapp chats & call recordings with those cheap employees of sulekha and we are going to consumer court with all this as somewhere the scam should stop (just google sulekha complaints you will see internet full of people sufferings).

We would appreciate if others who have faced the issues with suleka contact us on, we can create a storing case against sulekha and get our money back.

Names of the executives are as follow (not giving out numbers/official email address as they might be misused):

Marketing Executive : Ganesh

Customer Care Executive : Sunil

Other People : Rakesh, Megha, Raziya

All above are handling the case not forwarding or giving our contact details of seniors, this is what we are not understanding why they need to handle at their level.

Anyway do contact us whoever have faced this so we can create a strong case against the scam.



Product or Service Mentioned: Sulekha Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sulekha No1 Fraud Company.


Sulekha No1 Fraud Company. I received call from Ms Reshma (numbers 9036016222,9036030306) from Sulekha. She got my lead through justdial. And she started comparing with justdail. And asked me how many leads you are getting from just dial. And i told max 1 or 2 leads and sometimes nothing. And she started telling if take contract with Sulekha you will get per day minimum 5 leads & sometimes even more. And I told "ok ! But right now i am not interested.. like that i told...And she started telling today our company anniversary day, so we are giving this contract for half price. Then i told ,"whatever today I am going to out of city, so give me 3-5days think about it. And she started telling you will get gift coupons, this ..that..all you will get if you pay money today itself. And finally after so many conversations i paid 4000Rs and my contract ID 286415. And waited for 15days,till that time no leads. So i called sulekha and i asked. They told you didn’t give any key lists that is why you are not getting(actually i was trying to give that day itself, but they told related your contract we will update key lists..)...And finally I gave ...and after 15 days again i called (because i did not get single lead),then they told your listing very rare number of people will search ,and give us once again key lists(why the *** i asked me to take contract if less no of people searching)....and finally I gave..and again waiting waiting waiting for leads ...finally no patience …I I called…I again same dialogue …give us key lists we will upadate…like they are played with me …and I asked pls refund my amount..and they told we upadate new key lists will get more leads …same dialog .. Almost 2 months over and I didn’t receive any lead… And they are telling will not refund money…

Pls pls pls pls pls pls help me some one in this matter….what I have to do…

Sulekha ….fraud company….all false false false false promises.

My humble request pls don’t take any contract with sulekha..

My humble request pls don’t take any contract with sulekha..

Sulekha ….fraud company…. Sulekha ….fraud company…. Sulekha ….fraud company…. Sulekha ….fraud company…. Sulekha ….fraud company…. Sulekha ….fraud company….

Pls pls pls pls pls pls help me some one in this matter.. Pls pls pls pls pls pls help me some one in this matter Pls pls pls pls pls pls help me some one in this matter…


Monetary Loss: $4000.

Cheaters -

Not resolved - Hopeless and pathetic web site for any purchases.

I ordered an smartphone from bearing the Order No # SUL5150525751 on Sep 23 2012. The estimated shipping date for the same was supposed to be Sep 29 2012. After following up with them multiple times, till 29th sept they assured me that the order will be shipped by the evening.

However when i called them today(1st Oct 2012) the customer service executive tells me that my order is cancelled and the order cannot be processed since they are out of stock for the item. And they are going to refund the amount i have paid in 15 WORKING DAYS. I wanted to speak to the manager of the customer service executive however she abruptly disconnected the call(TWICE). I called them up for the third time to get their address to give them a visit - they disconnected the call again.

Some interesting points:

1. It took them 9 days to figure out that they DO NOT have the item in stock.

NOTE: The item said specifically in bold "**IN STOCK**" when i made the order.

2. is going to keep my money for more than a month - without providing any services. How pathetic can that be!

My single word personal recommendation to all - **avoid**!


Monetary Loss: $330.

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